Photo by MCM Photograpy

Photo by MCM Photograpy

Why Membership?

Your Civic League dues support the betterment of the neighborhood -- our lifestyle, our image, and our property values -- and is beneficial to you as the homeowner and/or resident.  At only $85/year, you can't beat it.  Thanks to your dues and many, many volunteers, here's what get's done:



Water & Electricity in our common areas are the responsibility of your Civic League


Irrigating our entrances, mowing, and general maintenance of our entrances.

Capital Improvement

Adding to or improving  common areas such as trails and entrances.



Your Board works together as a group of volunteers, to hear your concerns, help you find answers and resources, and ultimately make Lago Mar a real good place to live.  People who care, people who serve, and people who work together.  That's us.  That's you.


Yes, we have to pay the bills, and that's a huge part of your membership.  Most of it, in fact.  But, we do more, and hope you'll join us during one of our events whether it's a party in the park or community teams working together to make our neighborhood better.  Communities that share are stronger. 


Join the civic league

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